Dry-Aged Beef

After the summer of 2015, Chianti Il Ristorante Executive Chef Fabrizio Bazzani felt compelled to follow his long-held interest in butchery. Chef Fabrizio began to spend time at Fred The Butcher in Halfmoon and it was while there that he became intrigued by the dry aging process. Under the tutelage of their butchers, Fabrizio learned as much as could about the process.

Early in 2016, Chef Fabrizio approached David Zecchini, the owner of DZ Restaurants and Fabrizio’s long-time friend, to see if this was something they could do at Chianti Il Ristorante. David has always had a passion for premium beef and quality meats and with beef being an important part of Italian food and culinary history, the answer was a definitive “yes”.

Shortly thereafter Chianti began offering Dry Aged ribeye, bone-in strip, and short loin porterhouse and T-bone cuts.

Chianti’s dry aged beef is placed and closely monitored in aging boxes where the moisture in the meat is allowed to escape. The ideal dry aging process for the meats is 40 days, but could vary anywhere between 25-40 days.  Evaporation shrinks the beef, concentrating its flavor as it softens the meat. Additionally, the proteins and fats go through a transformation as well. The result is superb beef with an extraordinarily rich flavor and buttery texture.

Cuts are available when David and Fabrizio deem them ready. These dry aged cuts, known as ‘Chianti Select’, will have limited availability due to space in the aging boxes; which are prominently on display in the entryway of the restaurant. Chianti Il Ristorante is currently the only restaurant in upstate New York to age steaks on premise.

Because their motivation behind this endeavor is passion and not profit, the price of these dry aged cuts will be more than competitive and will fluctuate based on cut and days aged.

“Meat stimulates all the senses. Meat is sensorial bliss.” – Executive Chef Fabrizio Bazzani