Boca Bistro

Vintage Elements. Distinctive Spirit.

Boca Bistro is a Spanish Bistro and Tapas Bar that blends vintage Spanish elements with a distinctive contemporary spirit unique to every DZ Restaurant. Through a mosaic of earthen and distressed textures, stylistic accents and a touch of Mediterranean influence Boca Bistro embodies the charismatic essence of an authentic old-world restaurant. Visit the Boca Bistro website

Boca’s diverse menu of carefully prepared cuisine and tapas is matched by superb interior design resulting in a dining experience to rival any to be found on the cobbled streets of Spain. See the Boca Bistro Menu

Located on Broadway in Saratoga Springs the building at which Boca Bistro is located is awash with over 150 years of Saratoga’s rich culture and history, a building whose structural design and brickwork evokes Spanish colonial architectural underpinnings, it was as if the building was fated to become the home of DZ’s fourth restaurant.

Boca Bistro is dedicated to creating the perfect setting, distinctive experience and authentic cuisine to best suit your individual tastes and that of your guests. Our menus are always tailored specifically to your unique tastes, event needs, and service preferences. Our chefs and sales managers consider the occasion, guest list, season, time of day and much more when crafting your menu. Find our more about Private Events at Boca Bistro

Boca Bistro | 384 Broadway | Saratoga Springs, NY | 518-682-2800 |