Forno at the Farm

Forno a la Fattoria

Just 13 years after opening what is still one of the most consistently popular restaurants in Saratoga Springs, David Zecchini has decided the time has come to reignite the fire and re-imagine the Forno Bistro concept.

Forno Bistro will close for renovations on February 26th with a target relaunch date of March 17th.

A pop-up style bistro called Forno at the Farm is now accepting reservations for March 3,4 & 10,11 Reservations are limited and can be made by calling the DZ Restaurants main office at 518-583-1142.

Forno at the Farm will be a chance for our Forno Bistro guests to explore new tastes as our chefs practice innovative techniques & prepare original dishes. See the Menu!

• March 3,4 & 10,11
• Reservation Only
New tastes, textures and aromas
• A La Carte Dinner Menu (To be announced)
• Full Bar and Diverse Wine List
• Executive Chef Ryan McCormick
• Intimate and Exclusive

Seats for Forno at the Farm are limited and can be reserved by calling 518-583-1142.