Food and Farming

Shortly after purchasing The DZ Farm in January of 2014, Nancy Bambara, Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for DZ Restaurants, attended the Winter NOFA-NY Conference (Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York) in Saratoga Springs, NY. The conference afforded them a rare opportunity to speak with local and regional farmers who are likewise committed to promoting sustainable, local, organic food and farming.   Prior to this year’s planting season and throughout the first year The DZ Farm will collaborate with many of these of agricultural experts and advanced farmers for guidance, advice and direction.

To ready the land for cultivation, The DZ Farm had soil samples tested by the Cornell Cooperative Extension Soil Testing Laboratory for pH and conductivity (soluble salts). DZ Restaurants is also currently developing a collective composting program among all four DZ Restaurants to use on the farm.

The plan for the first year is to plant a 1/2 acre parcel with select vegetable varieties along with a large and diverse herb garden that will supplement the produce and herbs used in the DZ Restaurant kitchens.

For more information about how The DZ Farm is building community through food and farming contact Nancy Bambara at or at 518-583-1142