The DZ Farm

The DZ Farm

The DZ Farm: Building Community Through Food And Farming

Among the pastoral Galway, NY countryside is 65 acres of picturesque open and treed land with stunning views of the surrounding rolling hills and woods. It is a peaceful place where a bond with the soil and the community is built through food and farming. On this swathe of land the seasons are celebrated and gratitude is demonstrated for what the earth yields. This place where agriculture, sustainability, and cuisine come together is The DZ Farm.

Owned by David Zecchini, who has consistently embraced and demonstrated a love and respect for food, The DZ Farm joins the family of DZ Restaurants that includes Chianti Il Ristorante, Forno Bistro, and Boca Bistro in Saratoga Springs.

DZ Restaurants is always looking for new opportunities to expand our knowledge, continue the education of our DZ staff, and provide unique experiences to our guests. At The DZ Farm all will rejoice in what the land provides by cherishing the ingredients from the fields and the farm. It will be a place to fill our plates and our hearts with the bounty of our own crops and the ever-present gift of family and friendship.

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